Does the purchase of Medicus insurance provide a significant saving to me and/or New Zealand Health services?
Yes - significant savings in premium costs (up to 30% in some cases) can be achieved.

Is my insurance cover New Zealand controlled?
Yes - All decisions about acceptance, cover and claims are made in New Zealand by New Zealand based entities.

Do I know what I am covered for?
Yes - You receive your own policy of insurance that is a legal contract and details the indemnity provided and defines your obligations and responsibilities and those of the insurer.

Can I get assistance 24/7?
Yes - At the time of joining Medicus, members are advised of the free phone number that is manned 24 hours per day throughout the year.

Will I be involved in the selection of legal counsel and or expert advisors/witnesses?
The Medicus insurer has appointed a panel of legal advisers after consultation with the Board of Medicus. Members will be consulted as to the selection of one of the appointed legal advisers.


Can all the registered health professionals I work with be insured by Medicus?
Yes - Medicus can provide individual cover for each qualified member of your team e.g. practice nurses, physiotherapists, dietitians etc.


Does Medicus provide unlimited retroactive cover (excluding claim circumstances that are already known whether or not they have been reported to another medical indemnity insurer)?
Yes, because the Medicus policy is a "claims made" policy your unknown past is covered.


What is meant by the expression "claims made"?

The Medicus policy is issued on the basis of  "claims made".  This means that the current policy responds to a claim for indemnity even though the event giving rise to the claim (or possible claim) may have occurred in a previous policy year.  Continuation of the policy is essential to preserve the right to make claims that may arise from practice in earlier years.


Will I still be insured if I work overseas?


The Medicus policy is designed to provide indemnity for claims arising from your work in New Zealand.  The policy does not insure you for work that you undertake overseas.  It is recommended that you effect separate insurance in the country where you elect to work.  It is also important to consider obtaining "Run Off" insurance for the work you have done in New Zealand.  Otherwise cancellation of the 'claims made" policy means that you can no longer claim against the policy even though you may have been insured at the time of the event giving rise to the claim.


Will my practice history be covered free of charge once I retire?
Yes - Members who have insured continuously with Medicus for not less than three years prior to retirement from all practice will continue to be insured for claims that are first notified after retirement from all practice has commenced.

Does Medicus provide education seminars talks and information?
Yes - By request on topics chosen by you.

Am I insured for defamation claims arising from my professional practice?


What if I am going to locum in Australia on a short term contract?

Just as you would if working overseas, you would need to arrange insurance in Australia for any locum work you do there.  At this time we are unable to arrange cover for you outside New Zealand but the following websites may be useful: www.avant.org.au


For physiotherapists and other allied health professionals go to:  www.aon.com.au


What is Run Off cover?

Run Off cover will cover you for activities undertaken up until the date you ceased practicing in New Zealand and full cover could then be taken up again when you reapply on your return however membership of Medicus will continue and does not have to be reapplied for upon return. When overseas you need to take up indemnity cover in the country in wich you are residing.