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How to join Us

Medicus is owned by its members who are all registered medical practitioners licensed to practise in New Zealand. Membership of Medicus is available online or upon application to the secretary at the office of the society’s insurance consultant Aon New Zealand.

*Only available to residents of New Zealand.


Medicus offers the following Membership options

Medicus offers the following Insurance options

You will need to be a member of Medicus in order to apply for insurance.  The Board will consider each application in terms of the Regulations and Rules of Medicus and may either accept, defer or decline the application.



What is the cost of Medicus Indemnity Insurance?


What are the Terms and Conditions for Medicus online services?

View the Terms and Conditions  governing the use of the Medicus Indemnity New Zealand Inc., (Medicus) online service for the purchase of Medical Indemnity insurance.