About Medicus Indemnity

About Medicus


Medicus is a New Zealand owned 'not for profit' society governed by an active Board of Directors, established to provide registered and practicing medical professionals with access to professional indemnity insurance, risk management services and associated medico-legal advice and support.


Why choose Medicus?


As a member of Medicus,  you receive the support and backing of a New Zealand based Board who are intent on providing best possible support at a time of medico-legal need as well as access to an affordable professional indemnity insurance policy that ensures you are best covered against liability risks associated within the practicing profession.


In partnership with Aon New Zealand


Medicus Indemnity insurance is managed by New Zealand's leading insurance broker, Aon New Zealand, and is underwritten by NZI, a division of IAG New Zealand Limited.


The experience of Aon brings over 45 years of experience in developing and facilitating membership insurance schemes, our in-house liability team work with you, our medico-legal advisers and insurer in providing professional liability indemnity cover as well as support and guidance should an incident occur.


Join Medicus today

Joining Medicus gives you access to competitive insurance cover, medico-legal counselling  services,

incident support, legal specialists, risk  management and loss mitigation services.


The Medicus Board


Medicus is governed by a Board of Directors all of whom are New Zealand registered or retired medical practitioners or legal advisers.


The board is committed to the development of a New Zealand based medical indemnity programme that complies with an offers the security and protection under the provision of the New Zealand Prudential Supervision Act 2010. Surplus revenue generated by Medicus is returned to the New Zealand profession.

Ross Blair - Medicus Chairman

Thoracic & Vascular Surgeon


Ross Blair





Medicus Board of Directors


Pippa Mackay

General Practitioner,



Gaeline Phipps

A Co-opted member

Barrister & Medico-Legal Advisor




Peter Robinson

Chief Medico-Legal Advisor


Peter Robinson



Andrew Dunn

Registered Medical Practitioner (GP)



Richard Stubbs